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Many people ask the question of how do they treat their windows. The question is always multiparted, and the answers cannot always be a simple one worded answer. One must consider the types of windows, the sizes of the windows, and even the depth of the windows. With the changes in building styles in the past few years, there has been a growth in the use of French doors in homes. These beautiful doors, which are filled with lovely panes of glass, usually with mullions inside, create incredible accents in homes, but they also open a world of complexity for privacy and light control. We will discuss the options, and then we know you will agree with us that real wood blinds are the way to go. Sliding glass doors, the predecessor of French doors in many homes, were much easier to select window treatments. Simply put vertical blinds or draperies, and you are done. However, when you have a window that moves, the story changes. This is the case for French doors. The perfect solution for this type of door is a horizontal blind, and as you will soon see, specifically wood blinds. Horizontal blinds are those made from various types of slats or vanes, where the slats raise with the control of a simple lift cord. This lift cord will raise the blind toward the top of the window.

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